Keep It Simple

knit sample

Hi everyone,

Hoping the heat wave on the east coast is treating everyone OK. We are over here working on our fall series of knitting patterns entitled “ Keep It Simple”. It’s a collection of patterns that focus on design and not fancy stitches. The basics of knitting have become lost in a shuffle of fancy over done stitches that have been modified, reproduced, and reprinted by designers everywhere. I am hoping to counter that by creating patterns that focus on construction and materials rather than fancy stitching.

Seamless one piece knitting is something I wish more knitters could do better and we want to focus on this. The picture above is the start of a bulky seamless handbag pattern made from sunny yellow I-cord yarn we made ourselves. I-cord yarn can be time consuming to create so we brought a I-cord machine to create mass quantities of the stuff. A fancy version of I-cord use will be presented in our designer collection coming soon.