Cherry Corriedale…

We have added a new color to our collection of handspun yarn. Cherry is now available. The bamboo will be available on Friday. I have gotten a lot of help on this collection and I am totally thankful. You would think that a handmade product would be simple to produce but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is why we have mass-produced products. I do everything possible to make sure that every product I create is produced on a local level supporting only smaller businesses and making sure the animals that I get my fiber from are well taken care of while keeping my prices fair and affordable.

This is not a easy task. Smaller productions of made in the USA products usually lead to higher prices in a economy where people can’t afford higher prices. Lucky for me I deal with a lot of companies that follow the same goals and ideals that I do. Support on a smaller level and keep people employed.

Lot’s of people think that the purchase of a cheap mass produced product is harmless and economical. Well maybe you will think differently after watching this video. This is just one of the video’s I could stomach enough to talk about let alone watch in it’s entirety. Don’t get me started on how a $10.00 shirt is produced.

Post Edited: 11-12-2015
When I wrote this post I felt passionate about animal cruelty but was a bit uneducated about the topic of wool production. There is two sides to every story. Please read this post on cruelty free wool to get another perspective:Cruelty Free Wool Information